Who is a good candidate for All on 4 dental implants?
The All on 4 is a procedure that consists of using four dental implants to support a full denture.
This treatment involves installing 4 implants and affixing a denture to those implants, and it can be a full set of false teeth that can either be permanent or removable. The implants can be installed in the upper or lower jaw or both.
This process is quick and stable, it restores the aesthetics of smiles quickly, as well as restoring the overall dental function of a patient’s teeth.

Am I a good candidate
for the All-on-4?

The best candidates for the All-on-4 are people who have lost numerous teeth due to injury or tooth decay, and they should have sufficient jawbone structure and gum tissue in place in order to support the dental implants that are placed.

Good candidates also include people who are unable to see benefits from restoring the teeth or those who can’t have teeth restored or individuals with advanced gum disease.

A good candidate doesn’t necessarily have an entire arch missing, but they do have a significant number or teeth that need replacing.Anyone going for this treatment should be committed to proper care/oral hygiene.

Those patients with poor oral health or with a history of uncontrolled diabetes or high blood pressure and autoimmune disorders do not make good candidates.

All-on-4 Benefits
Replacing lost teeth is essential for proper oral health and function. Teeth, gums, and jawbone all function as a single system, so missing teeth usually have a domino effect that may lead to further tooth loss, bone atrophy, and gum recession. Replacing missing teeth should be a priority.
There are many benefits that come with the All-on-4 treatment. The main ones include no need for denture adhesives, and they’re more comfortable and have better functionality than traditional dentures. It can also improve your appearance as the replacement teeth look like natural teeth.
Check out some more advantages of the All-on-4 process:
It’s fast, so patients may get a full set of teeth in just a visit or two.
It’s effective. Patients will get to bite and chew without worrying about their dentures slipping out of place.
It’s good for dental health: it prevents issues with bone loss and gum recession.
The Procedure
Patients who have lost all or most of their teeth will have a careful dental examination with scan and x-ray to determine if the process would be right for them and to determine the ideal placement of the dental implants.
Then the oral surgery is performed, considering the placement of the implants very carefully in order to optimize the stability of the denture.

Once the placement of the implants is done, a denture can be snapped into place.

Alternative Options to All on 4
When the patient is a poor candidate for the treatment due to oral health issues or still having many natural teeth, there are other replacement options that may work, including single dental implants, full and partial bridges, and traditional dentures.
Bone grafting surgery and gum augmentation can also be considered when the person is required additional tissue to support the dental implant.
For more information about All-on-4 and how you can improve your smile and oral health, contact Parker Dental Implant and Specialty Center.