This visit is pertaining to your diagnostic series. The appointment will last 1-2 hours. At this visit we will complete the Comprehensive Exam, Full Mouth Series of x-rays (FMX), and Diagnostic Impressions (Molds)of your mouth.

We will also obtain a Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), which is a 3D scan to help determine further diagnostic treatment. Once all diagnostic information is gathered, we will formulate different treatment options that address your concerns as well as problems.

clinical examination

Involves a complete and thorough patient examination covering everything from pre-existing conditions, gum health, even screenings, and diagnostic exams to guarantee optimal oral health.

Full Mouth Series (FMX)
Cone Beam Computed technology (CBCT)

Diagnostic Casts

A cast model of a person’s teeth that a dental professional uses as a guide in the application of corrective or restorative dentistry.

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