Locator and Bar Overdenture


Locator Overdentures are a type of denture that is made on isolated abutments (connections). The locator abutments are connections that screw onto the implants and act as a male element. Inside the denture, there is a corresponding female element that is housing a nylon element to engage the locator. In this type of prostheses, all implants must be parallel to prevent excessive wear of the nylon elements.

Some advantages of Locator overdentures:

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to maintain
  • Cost effective

Bar Overdentures are the second type of dentures made on a bar. The bar connects and splints all implants, making them act as one unit. Bars are great if the residual ridge is too flat, compromising the stability. Because of the height of the bar, usually 4mm, the denture will have an easier time resisting destabilizing force.

Some advantages of bar overdentures:

  • Improved stability, support and retention, similar to a fixed prosthesis
  • Offers the advantages of removable prostheses


Complete denture success depends on three factors patient’s anatomy, patient’s adaptation, and clinician expertise. Having a broad, large, and tall alveolar ridge with good salivary quality and quantity is ideal for the maxillary (upper) complete denture. For mandibular (lower) denture, the criteria are the same. However, the number one factor that is indicative of mandibular denture success is tongue posture.

The tongue is a large muscle that challenges the mandibular denture retention. As the tongue moves, the retention seal is broken, creating denture instability. Learning how to control tongue movement and posture is truly key for having a successful mandibular denture. As to patient’s adaptation, most patients adapt and establish new eating, chewing, and speaking patterns. However, about 5% of the population does not adapt even if they have good anatomy, and in return, they should consider resorting to other solutions, such as implants. Th maladaptation could be due to gag reflux for example. Here at Front Range Dentures and Prosthodontics Dr. Ahmed is well equipped with the knowledge and experience to help you.

Implants are a great solution if patients’ anatomy and adaptation is inhibiting their success and therefore affecting their quality of life. There are many choices for securing implants to dentures, but they mainly fall into two categories, isolated attachments and bars.

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