All-on-4 dental implants, also known as full-arch fixed implant bridges, are quickly becoming a popular choice for those patients with missing teeth.
This restorative dentistry service uses 4 implants, which are made of custom materials including acrylic/titanium and other materials, to replace your entire upper or lower set of teeth.

This technique is considered one of the best ways to treat toothless patients given the many benefits it has: it allows a more permanent and natural-looking alternative, the implants support your jaw and facial structure, and it simplifies procedure times providing quality results at the same time.

Just a few years ago, All-on-4 dental implants were unheard of and didn’t exist as an option for patients with missing teeth; but today they are considered one of the most popular solutions due to advances in modern dentistry. However, each patient is different and their want and needs must be taken into consideration before suggesting this procedure.

Let’s explore All-on-4 dental implants in more detail to consider when researching All-on-4 for you.

Procedure Speed
Depending on the case, the All-on-4 procedure can be done in a day. Installing the implants and attaching the dental plates can take as little as one day.

Afterward, you will only need to return once a few days later to receive the permanent plates. This is half the time it takes for other types of dentistry with multiple consultations and back-and-forth trips to the dentist’s office, maybe less.

We all know every time we have a dental procedure, it will likely follow us home, meaning we will need to go through the remaining pain and uncomfortable hygiene processes. Not with All-on-4! The procedure usually involves easy maintenance since implants are positioned exactly inside your mouth and there won’t be any need for special oral care routines.

The All-on-4 procedure is popular, efficient, fast, and has many benefits. It must be expensive.

Gladly, the All-on-4 is much more affordable than you may think. When compared to other methods, such as dentures or implants, this procedure is highly affordable.
You will not need to make constant visits to the dentist due to small parts constantly getting lost from your current setup or breaking down over time – which means less time and money spent out of pocket when something goes wrong.

Overall, we can say All-on-4 is definitely a budget-friendly option!

With All-on-4, you can walk into the dentist’s office without any teeth and come out with a beautiful smile. With these plate replacements, your whole mouth will finally appear healthy even during an exam.

Using advanced technology and techniques, we create the smile you want with long-lasting dental materials and outstanding aesthetic results.

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