Overcome Dental Anxiety with Sedation Dentistry

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Fear, anxiety, and medical concerns keep millions from essential dental care. Over time, minor issues escalate into complex and costly problems.

At Parker Dental, Dr. Isra Ahmed and our skilled team employ IV Sedation and Conscious Sedation methods to provide a calming dental experience for patients dealing with anxiety, fear, or medical issues. Our focus is on delivering high-quality care and helping you achieve a beautiful, stress-free smile.

What is sedation dentistry and who is a good candidate

Denver’s sedation dentists not only manage dental procedure pain but also tackle the fear that comes with it. This guarantees a brilliant smile without the apprehension of an unpleasant experience.

This option is ideal Individuals with dental anxiety or fear of dental procedures. Sedation can help them relax and undergo necessary treatments without distress.


Is there any sensation experienced during the dental treatment?

With sedation dentistry, patients will experience complete relaxation and tranquility, ensuring they feel nothing during the procedure. This allows the dentist to seamlessly perform necessary dental procedures without any discomfort. Post-treatment, patients will continue to feel comfortable, often with minimal to no recollection of the dental procedure.

What is the duration of sedation?

The duration of a patient’s sedation is influenced by factors such as the body’s recovery rate, the administered dosage, and the length of the dental procedure. Due to these variables, it’s crucial for patients to arrange for transportation both before and after the treatment, whether it’s through a family member or a friend. Additionally, patients should refrain from operating machinery, driving, and consuming alcohol post-procedure to ensure their well-being.

How fast does sedation work?

Laughing gas takes effect immediately and remains active as long as the patient continues to inhale it. Oral sedation typically takes approximately 30-45 minutes to induce its effects. For patients undergoing IV sedation, the onset is almost instantaneous, leading to a quick state of sleep. The dentist will assess and recommend the most suitable sedation option for the patient ahead of the procedure.

Are you contemplating sedation dentistry in Parker or Denver?

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