Sedation Dentistry


You can get your smile corrected without any memory of the procedure with sedation. Wake up t a new smile. Get your smile fixed, replace missing teeth, restore your smile, and forget you were here.

Why Sedation?

Sedation and implants go hand -in-hand. Since the implant procedure is a form of surgery, sedation is suggested to ensure a pleasant experience. Sedation has a variety of benefits for both the patient and the dentist, ensuring the procedure is efficient and effective. Here are some other benefits sedation provides:

You can have multiple implants placed during the same appointment.

Good pain management. Many patients do not even remember the appointment even happened!


Sedation is particularly needed in the case of an All-on-4®,  a long procedure that require the patient to be completely comfortable.

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How it works:

Oral Conscious Sedation is the least invasive type to do and it does not require an IV. It is a medication the is taken at the office in either a pill form or in some juice the day of the procedure.

  • The medication that is used must pass through your digestive system, so the results are less predictable than using IV sedation.
  • The onset of the medication is also longer as it must be processed in the digestive system.
  • There is a maximum recommended dose that can be given and if inadequate sedation effect is felt, more medication will not be administered
  • You will be hooked up to monitors for the duration of the appointment to ensure your vital signs are in your normal range as we work
  • The cost is considerably lower than IV sedation.
  • This type of sedation will not put you to sleep but will make you unaware of what is going on and generally you will not remember the procedure.
  • Every patient responds differently to the sedation medication used.
  • Arranged transportation is essential for oral conscious sedation.


How it works:

Also known as “sleep dentistry; IV sedation will get you close to a sleeping state. It helps you relax, eliminates pain and results in stress-free procedure for both the patient and the dentist.

  • Sedation medications are administered into your bloodstream through a vein which means an IV will be started and used for the duration of the procedure.
  • While IV sedation eliminates your fears, you will still be numbed to ensure there is no pain during the procedure.
  • The effect is almost immediate, and the level of sedation is extremely easy to control based on your needs.
  • IV sedation usually eliminates the gag reflex, making the experience even better for both parties involved.
  • A ride home is required for IV sedation appointments.
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